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Odoo Pricing

Enterprise License

Odoo comes in two versions the community version which is free of charge but restricted to functionalities the other is the venture version which contains a permit charge though, compared to the previous its prepared with progressed highlights to run your company. The undertaking estimating is based on the modules utilized and the number of clients designated to the platform, which at the occasion of company operations there's a require for different clients. In expansion, the stage does not charge the companies for the portal client. In any case, these clients are restricted to their functionalities within the stage and are open to particular information. Additionally, this will indeed include up based on the require for modules and applications which ought to be acquired from the Odoo app store to run the company. Moreover, the estimating changes based on the nation of the commerce operations which can be looked up on the Odoo site.


Another perspective of Odoo estimating is based on the facilitating of the stage which can be done cloud-based(Odoo online), on-premises, and on Odoo. sh. Firstly, the Odoo cloud is characterized as Odoo online which may be a benefit given by Odoo with the venture version working in Saas. Furthermore, the stage is reasonable for small-scale foundations as the stage is limited to any customizations. The operations will be based on default highlights given with Odoo. The most advantage of cloud-based(Odoo online) facilitating is that there's no cerebral pain for the client on the viewpoint and estimating on the server and the movement which are both neglected by Odoo itself. Besides, on-premise facilitating can be worked on a third-party outside server or a nearby server operation. Where the previous is accessible around the world and the last mentioned is open for localized operations. In both viewpoints, the server support and operations charges are to be managed by the clients. Furthermore, there are no limits.

Odoo implementation cost

The Odoo usage administrations are given by Odoo accomplices which are recognized by Odoo and keep up standardization within the operations. Odoo could be a tremendous program working with 27000+ modules which include the most and supporting ones that ought to be arranged accurately to function based on the company operations. Whereas experiencing Odoo usage the ace information of the company operations such as the chart of accounts, item, client and seller depiction, and numerous more going before operational information can be imported to Odoo Knowing how to utilize the stage after effective execution will moreover be trickier. In expansion the client may run into mistakes without appropriate information on ease of use. The Odoo execution fetched incorporates the establishment charges, execution of the stage into your company, and the preparing given on the operations. It's always better to actualize Odoo with the brilliant accomplices who have been labeled by the Odoo, who is the most excellent among the accomplices.

Odoo Support & Maintanace

An ERP cannot be worked with persistent back from the designers and the professional related within the back conclusion operations. One of the extra angles which include up to the Odoo estimating is the back and upkeep taken a toll for the stage. There are cases of the client running into blunders and mistakes whereas working within the stage where the stage may as it were be recuperated and made completely useful once more as it were by the certified Odoo accomplices and engineers. A Odoo accomplice will be with the company in each step of the operations and will guarantee that ceaseless bolster is given at the essential times. In addition, in frantic times there's a require for frantic measures that will too be ensured by the Odoo accomplice when the stage falls flat and there's require of upkeep.

Odoo Customization

The customizations the finest include of Odoo which permits any company operations to coordinate with the stage. The customization estimating is based on the alterations required on the default operations of Odoo and extra include on and applications required to back the company operations. The customization estimating exclusively spun around the extra necessities of the company. The Odoo customization can be done by the Odoo certified accomplices accessible. These accomplices are clever, well prepared to bargain with any customization prerequisites. In addition, the Odoo brilliant accomplices are the leading among them who is master in Odoo execution and customization as per the trade needs of a company.

Why Alkhidma Systems

Al Khidma acts as one of the most excellent and trusted Odoo partner, continually serving the finest customization and usage in Odoo ERP. We are enhanced with exceedingly talented specialized specialists for creating, executing, and planning the ERP giving an extreme advantage to our client base. Nowadays Alkhidma Systems has come to standard great in Odoo usage and united administrations, demonstrating its validity and unwavering quality. Our strong, idiot-proof ERP arrangements are utilized by clients sprawling over the globe. Alkhidma Systems offer assistance to their clients to accomplish key commerce objectives by means of specialized ingeniousness, demonstrated space involvement, and venture administration abilities.
  • Our mission is to provide a range of easy to use business applications that form a complete suite of tools to accompany any business need.

  • Our Odoo team will meet with the client to hear client’s vision and offer input to help client’s company to accomplish its business goals.

  • Our Odoo Team will get to work create a custom Timeline for the project to achieve your company’s vision and business needs in an appealing way.

  • We provide cost-effective ERP solutions and Odoo apps for accelerating the workflow of companies/organization across the world.

  • We’ll take input and turn it into a capable, cost-effective system that can smoothen your business workflow and increase total visibility of your business.

  • Technical and functional support after implementation of ERP for the respective business.

  • Al Khidma Systems Odoo has website developers and designer to develop a clean and attractive website which can be integrated with Odoo / OpenERP in the backend.

  • We have an excellent experience of working in Odoo ERP Implementation, Configuration, Customization, Integration, Data Migration, and Website Development.

  • Technical and functional expertise in all Odoo modules

  • Comprehensive and complete troubleshooting and maintenance services.

  • Having a well-planned ERP system integrated with your business workflow can work wonders.

  • One of the best open source ERP platforms is OpenERP, recently rechristened as Odoo.

  • Complete hosting, installation, implementation and configuration for Odoo framework.